Parks & Recreation

LittleLeagueLive Oak Park

This park is located behind City Hall and has the Little League Fields, large playground, covered picnic tables and basketball court set amid large live oak trees. Avenue G, Crescent and Woodall borders this family-oriented park.

VeteransParkVeteran’s Memorial Park

This park is located on Lacy Drive, between E. Brenda Ave. and James Blvd.Lacy Lakeview Veteran’s Memorial Park was dedicated on May 31, 1999. The park honors American veterans of all wars. Join us each year for the Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day celebration. Citizens can purchase memorial bricks of loved ones who are veterans. This park has become popular with our citizens. The park has a walking track, playground equipment, covered picnic tables and benches set amid beautiful oak trees and flowers.

A touching memorial to those killed in the attacks on 9/11 has also been placed at the park.

Stanwalkerfield-Walker Cemetery

The Stanfield-Walker Cemetery in Lacy Lakeview, Texas, on the east side of North Lacy Drive on U.S. Hwy 77-81 between Stanfield Drive and Avenue C. In 1844, when Sarah Walker settled on her Headright Certificate Number One, land that was given to her for compensation for the death of her husband Jacob Walker, who was reported to be the last man killed in the Battle of the Alamo. The cemetery is known now as Stanfield-Walker Cemetery and was originally the cemetery for Sarah Walker’s family. Sarah Walker was born on April 16, 1811 in Mississippi and died on Dec. 10, 1899. Walker family have been buried there, and it is also reported that cowboys who died moving cattle up the Chisholm Trail, which ran through the Walker land, were also buried there.

Walker ‘s family cemetery became the Stanfield-Walker Cemetery when Sarah Walker’s daughter, Margaret, married Francis Stanfield. Margaret Walker was born on July 18, 1832 and died on March 8, 1923. Francis Stanfield was born in 1847 and died in 1869. He was probably killed by outlaws, as the La Vega grant to the south of the Jacob Walker grant was a “no man’s land” and a notorious hideout for criminals. Family members from both the Walker and Stanfield families are buried in the cemetery.

Jim Bob Walker’s grave is the oldest grave in the cemetery and is walled in with native sandstone blocks. The marker shows he died in 1850. Two unmarked stones, very old native sandstone, are probably some of the Walker descendants. Ada Stanfield was the first Stanfield to be buried in the Stanfield-Walker Cemetery. She was the daughter of Margaret Walker Stanfield. Ada Stanfield was born on Jan. 23, 1875 and died on July 23, 1876.

SarahAnnWalkerHistorical Markers of Lacy Lakeview

The City of Lacy Lakeview has two historical markers within its city limits. They are the Neil McLennan marker and the Sarah Ann Vouchere Walker marker.The Neil McLennan marker was created Jan. 22, 1850 and organized Aug. 5, 1850. It was named in honor of Neil McLennan who was born in 1787 and died in 1867. He came to Texas in 1835 and located on the Brazos River. In 1840, he built the first dwelling, a log cabin, in McLennan County, Waco, the county seat. It is now located at Veteran’s Memorial Park.

The Sarah Ann Vouchere Walker marker was applied for on Dec. 15, 1964 and was erected on Nov. 22, 1965. It is located three miles north of Waco on US 77 .The marker reads: Sarah Ann Vouchere Walker, widow of Jacob Walker, said to have been the last man to die in the Alamo. Born in Louisiana in 1811. Married and came to Texas 1829, and to this area 1844. Received Republic of Texas Land Grant NO-1, Sabine County, a League and Labor East of the Brazos. Once rode horseback 300 miles to warn Gen. Sam Houston of an impending Indian attack. Her burial site, about 100 foot to the south, set aside the perpetuity by her grandson, George Anthony Stanfield. This marker erected by her descendants, through McLennan County Historical Survey Committee, 1965.