Designated Shelters

In the event of an Emergency Management situation, all City Employees, Volunteer Firefighters and City Council Members will be utilized to perform specific functions.The Operations base will be headquartered at the Police Department. City Hall will be locked down. The Police Department will have necessary radio and telephone communications for us to operate efficiently. In the event that radio and/or telephone operations are disabled, we may decide to lock down the Police Department and move to City Hall since it is a larger facility. The Emergency Management Coordinator will make that decision and notify everyone concerned in the event of a change.Five designated shelters are available in and around Lacy Lakeview to assist citizens who may not have access to their homes and in the event we receive stranded motorist from the highway system. The designated shelters are:
Lacy Lakeview Civic Center – 505 E. Craven
Lakeview Academy Gym – 301 N. Lakeview
Old Connally Gym – 715 N. Rita
Elm Mott Activity Center – 204 W. Elm Mott Drive
Christ’s Church – 133 Lacy Drive