City Manager
Keith Bond
(254) 799-2458
Ext. 2005
The city manager of Lacy Lakeview drives economic development and manages the financial and operational work of the City.
City Secretary
Michelle Hicks
(254) 799-2458
Ext. 2008
The City Secretary works closely with the mayor and city council members, maintaining good customer service for the water department, processing open records requests and preparing and conducting city elections.
Betty Jennings
(254) 799-2458
Ext. 2021
The Finance Director supervises accounts payable, preparing financial reports and statements, maintaining an accounting and financial records system for the City, and preparing payroll.
Fire Department
Fire Chief/Fire Marshal Patricia Byars-Faulkner
(254) 799-2479
Ext. 2015
The Lacy Lakeview Fire Department proudly protects 6,500 people living in an area of five square miles. The department command structure consists of a paid Fire Chief/Fire Marshal, one volunteer Captain and two volunteer lieutenants.
Police Department
Police Chief John Truehitt
(254) 799-2479
The Lacy Lakeview Police Department promotes community-oriented policing while aggressively pursuing proactive approaches to crime prevention.
Lt. Jerry Gerick
(254) 799-2458 Ext. 2007
The City of Lacy Lakeview will issue permits and inspections for building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical.
Municipal Court
Municipal Court Clerk
Christine McMains
(254) 799-2458 Ext. 2009
The court adjudicates Class C misdemeanor cases, most of which are criminal, including traffic, city ordinance, state code, juvenile and parking.
Public Works
Keith Bond
(254) 799-2458
Ext. 2005
At the present time the City is working on a number of projects, including expanding the water system with a second tie-in with our water source at Gholson Road. Additionally, the City is in the planning stages of a sewer system upgrade on Old Central which serves the Spring Lake area.
(254) 799-2458
The water department monitors the entire Lacy Lakeview water system from a computer system in the office.